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CyberHive joins Viasat ELEVATE programme


Newly optimised for satellite usage, CyberHive’s Connect product will bring new quantum-safe levels of security to IoT devices across a range of industries including utilities, mining, energy and transport.

CyberHive, a leading cyber security software company, today announced it has joined Viasat’s ELEVATE programme. The partnership enables enhanced protection from cyber threats, which the UK Government estimates costs the UK economy £27 billion annually.

ELEVATE is a development programme, ecosystem and marketplace for providers of software, hardware and solutions, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in commercial land markets. As a new ELEVATE partner, CyberHive will provide customers with a reliable, future-proofed threat protection product to significantly heighten cyber security across connected IoT devices.

As an ELEVATE partner, CyberHive will benefit from Inmarsat’s global L-band network ELERA, the leading satellite network for the internet of things (IoT). This will help the company reach more customers with quantum-safe cryptographic solutions for secure device communication.

CyberHive a UK-based software company provides a patented cyber security product, CyberHive Connect, which dramatically increases the data protection of IoT devices with quantum-safe threat protection. Quantum-safe technology uses algorithms which are secure even against an attack by a quantum computer, future-proofing users against a rapidly changing and evolving threat landscape. In addition, CyberHive Connect has been optimised for satellite usage to guarantee stable connections, even in remote areas with challenging connectivity.

When integrated into IoT devices, CyberHive Connect establishes a software-defined mesh network that safeguards data transmission, thanks to its secure-by-design methodology and zero trust architecture, adopting a “never trust, always verify” security model. It is straightforward to install and can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure: heightening security between IoT devices anywhere in the world and extending system lifecycles.

With low latency and ultra-low overhead, robust encryption and certified reliability, it can withstand very high packet loss compared to traditional VPN-based solutions, reconnecting within 2 milliseconds. This makes interruptions imperceptible when using voice and video applications.

CyberHive Connect supports a wide range of IoT use cases, from secure real-time sensor data monitoring to bi-directional communications for remote inspection of utilities and smart grids, predictive maintenance, and proactive alerts for fleet optimisation. It can also provide IoT device tracking and messaging for use in signalling and automation systems on railways, plus many more applications.

This partnership will allow CyberHive to explore opportunities in industries such as utilities, mining, energy and transportation. As part of the programme, CyberHive will gain access to Viasat’s broader partner network, creating opportunities to collaborate on additional security solutions for its customers.

ELEVATE’s marketplace will help the company increase sales by attracting new customers in locations without reliable connectivity, or those which have mission-critical connectivity needs.  For customers, it gives access to a broad choice of satellite-enabled IoT solutions developed by a range of providers to enhance the efficiency, safety and sustainability of their businesses.


Jat Brainch, Chief Commercial and Digital Officer, Viasat, said “ELEVATE is the go-to destination for satellite IoT innovation. With CyberHive, we will accelerate the development of quantum-secure IoT solutions to meet our clients’ mission-critical requirements across diverse industries.

At Viasat, we have a rich tradition of industry collaboration, and through partnerships with forward-thinking companies like CyberHive, they can rely on our development programme and state-of-the-art satellite communication network to deliver ground-breaking solutions at speed.


Jonathan Aniszewski, Partnership Manager at CyberHive added, “CyberHive is extremely proud to join Viasat’s ELEVATE programme, strengthening our ambition to revolutionise the cyber security landscape for IoT customers everywhere.

“Our cutting-edge threat protection and Inmarsat’s renowned satellite connectivity will enable customers, even in the most remote environments, to leverage quantum-safe cryptographic solutions that safeguard their critical infrastructure against ever-evolving cyber threats. We look forward to the opportunities ahead and are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers”.


Viasat’s ELEVATE programme is open to new entrants, disruptors, and established brands of any size who have developed an innovative digital product or service, but may need additional support to exploit the benefits of satellite-enabled IoT solutions. Viasat provides dedicated technical guidance on how to integrate and support its highly-reliable satellite services, go-to-market strategy planning and exposure to the Inmarsat distribution channel to enable access to new markets.

Providers working across a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, aid and NGOs, energy, exploration and leisure, media, mining, transport and utilities, as well as agnostic technology providers, will be considered for membership.



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Organisations can register or learn more about Viasat’s ELEVATE Programme here.

CyberHive Connect implements a secure software-defined mesh network that transforms how devices communicate. Built using a secure-by-design methodology and a zero trust architecture, it provides instant security that can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure.  It makes it harder for attackers to gain access by masking IP addresses as demonstrated here in our short video series.



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