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Prepare your IT security for the quantum computing era

Are you ready for the quantum leap?
understanding the looming threat posed by quantum computing to our current encryption standards is imperative. The rapid advancements in quantum computing technology mean that the encryption systems we rely on today could become obsolete tomorrow.

Educating ourselves about the urgency of quantum security is paramount. It’s not merely about preparing for the future; it’s about safeguarding the integrity of our digital infrastructure today, ensuring that our data remains secure in the face of evolving technological threats.


Why your business needs to act now

While contemporary encryption methods offer robust security against classical computing attacks, the advent of quantum computing presents an unprecedented challenge. The time it takes for classical computers to brute force current encryption pales in comparison to the staggering potential of quantum computers.

Central to this concern is Shor’s algorithm, a cornerstone of quantum computing. When unleashed on a large-scale quantum computer, Shor’s algorithm could swiftly dismantle virtually all encryption systems currently protecting internet traffic. What once seemed impervious could become susceptible to interception and exploitation, jeopardising sensitive data and digital privacy on a global scale.

Key questions

1. Why should my company be concerned about quantum computing?

Quantum computing’s ability to break traditional encryption poses a direct threat to the security of your sensitive data. Preparing now ensures that your business remains secure as these technologies become commercially available.

2. What are the risks of not preparing for quantum computing?

Failing to prepare could leave your business vulnerable to data breaches, financial loss, and reputational damage. Quantum computing can break encryption that protects your digital assets, making your information accessible to malicious actors.

3. How can we future-proof our IT security?

Amid this urgency, the cybersecurity industry is pivoting to develop cryptographic systems that are resilient against both quantum and classical computers. These next-generation systems aim to seamlessly integrate with existing communication protocols and networks, ensuring continuity of secure data transmission in an increasingly quantum-threatened world.

4. What steps should we take today?

  • Audit your current security: Assess your existing encryption methods and identify vulnerabilities
  • Stay informed: Keep up with the latest advancements in quantum computing and post-quantum cryptography
  • Invest in quantum-safe solutions: Begin transitioning to cryptographic systems designed to withstand both classical and quantum attacks
  • Collaborate with experts: Work with cyber security professionals who specialise in quantum-safe security

Secure your future today

Don’t wait for the quantum future to arrive.
Protect your business now by investing in post-quantum encryption solutions.
Contact our cyber security experts to learn more about how you can stay ahead of the curve and safeguard your digital assets against the next generation of cyber threats.


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