Future-proofed solutions

Security by design

Our products are designed in collaboration with strategic partners to address real customer needs, which have proven to solve cyber security problems that exist across numerous public and private sector organisations and industry verticals.  

AWS Security

Configuration-as-Code to automatically deploy AWS workloads quickly and securely
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Hardware secured
Allow Lists

Trusted Compute uses patented technology enabling granular application filtering
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Real-time Intrusion Detection

Get alerts the second your infrastructure deviates from a known good posture
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Microsoft 365

Enhanced Secure access to Cloud Applications
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Identity & Access Management

Zero trust architecture for users and devices
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Quantum-safe cryptography

Deploy pluggable encryption resistant to attack by quantum computer
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CyberHive Assure

The building blocks to create a future-proofed cyber security infrastructure tailored to your industry or application use-case


Low-latency peer to peer connectivity with zero trust principles
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Firewalls & WAF

Secure Access to Infrastructure and Cloud Workloads
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Immutable audit

S3 Object Storage for fully compliant logging
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Mobile Device Management

Device onboarding and configuration service, remote management via Intune
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CVE Scanning

Ensure your infrastructure is always up-to-date and protected
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Zero trust network

Zero trust software-defined network
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