Cyberhive Connect

Secure connectivity for the post-quantum era

Software-defined mesh

Quantum-safe cryptography

Zero trust network

CyberHive Connect implements a secure software-defined mesh network that transforms how devices communicate. Built using a secure-by-design methodology and a zero-trust architecture, it provides instant security that can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure.

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Quantum-safe cryptography

Compared to ‘classical’ computers, there are certain workloads perfect to reap the benefits of quantum computing; one of these is quickly overcoming today’s asymmetric (Public Key) cryptography. Public key cryptography is used for securing everything from personal emails, online banking, to controlling Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Asymmetric encryption uses sufficiently large prime numbers in its calculations and is considered intractable for today’s computers.

However, quantum computers are great at prime factorisation and could decrypt messages using the public key alone. A compute workload that would take millions of years on today’s technology could be reduced to hours or minutes by harnessing quantum phenomena – and as a result much of today’s security would be obsolete.


The speed of development in quantum computing is accelerating significantly, and whilst mainstream home quantum computers are some way away, the notion of ‘quantum-as-a-Service’ provided by nation states or large enterprise organisations is firmly on the horizon.  Adopting post-quantum cryptography today does not require a quantum computer and if you are designing information systems that will remain operational in years to come then you should build in quantum resistance now.


The team at CyberHive have been closely evaluating, enhancing, and integrating post-quantum cryptography into the products, and our experts can tell you everything you need to know to prepare for, and protect your organisation in the quantum era.

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