CyberHive Gatekeeper


Enhance your Microsoft 365 security

The ultimate access protection for cloud productivity suites.

Backed by patented Trusted Compute technology

The benefits of CyberHive Gatekeeper

Secures all Microsoft 365 features, yet simple to use. Just log on to your PC, verify your identity and go. Access from your Mac, iOS or Android devices! Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory or existing multi-factor authentication systems.

Prevents access to Microsoft 365 from the open Internet – secured via IP restrictions and only connects devices with a unique VPN certificate. Requires a USB/NFC security key, biometrics, or other multi-factor authentication to access. Secure logging of all access events, moved files etc.

Applies multiple independent security features so no single configuration failure can cause a security breach. Lost credentials, stolen hardware and phishing cannot result in a data breach.

Why enhance security on a Cloud platform?

With the adoption of cloud productivity suites, the data is everywhere. Your users are off-network, away from your controls, and sharing files (sometimes insecurely) across apps.

Microsoft 365 is relied on by over 300 Million commercial customers worldwide.  Microsoft Teams alone has grown to over 145 Million daily users.

Microsoft 365 offers great flexibility and plays a critical role in digital transformation and the shift to hybrid working.

Unfortunately, this very flexibility can present security challenges for many organisations, with the loss of a single password or security credential resulting in a major data breach.

37% of data breaches in 2020 used stolen or weak credentials, a further 22% were driven by human error.

Microsoft cloud services are seeing 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts every day, yet even multi-factor authentication (MFA) is far from foolproof – a single error by an administrator could leave you open to attack.

With digital transformation at the heart of its strategy, a UK government department approached CyberHive to design and build a truly secure implementation of Microsoft 365 to overcome the security and usability issues associated with alternative technologies.


The Solution – CyberHive Gatekeeper®

Our “Gatekeeper” acts as a bridge between the end-users and Microsoft 365 platform. This implements three diverse security measures which can be administered independently, eliminating any single point of human error.

Devices are authenticated by the Gatekeeper service before a user can connect to Microsoft 365.  Independently, users are then authenticated through a USB/NFC security key,  biometrics, or other multi-factor authentication (MFA) method.

The entire cloud service is protected by CyberHive’s patented ‘Trusted Cloud‘ technology,  helping detect breaches in seconds.

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