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Modern architecture

Developed with modern security-focused coding techniques and tools,   its lightweight codebase makes it extremely efficient, even when used on IoT devices.

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Peer-to-peer mesh connectivity

Eliminates infrastructure bottlenecks such as VPN gateways. Zero trust endpoint authentication makes it easier to manage and more secure.

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Quantum-safe cryptography

Quantum-safe cryptography exceeds the strength of AES-256 and offers faster execution and improved operational efficiency.

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Enhanced encryption and connectivity without compromise

Maintaining trust and integrity of communications platforms is critical, especially for emergency services and critical infrastructure operations.


Simple and scalable

Central, single point of administration​ simplifies remote provisioning of new endpoints and disabling endpoints in the event of compromise. It provides instant security that can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure.

  • Cryptographically secure authentication and identity management
  • Central management console for endpoint administration
  • Easily deploy to and manage tens of thousands of endpoints

Resilient to variable network conditions

Packet loss does not have to mean disconnection. CyberHive Connect improves the resilience of data communications over any IP network to maintain connectivity and integrity even on low bandwidth links such as cellular or satellite connections.


Future proofed with quantum-safe cryptography

Quantum computers are firmly on the horizon and accelerating towards being available in the coming decade. Today’s public key encryption standards are vulnerable and insufficient in the post-quantum era. Remote embedded devices increase the attack surface for cyber criminals with malicious intent. CyberHive Connect is secured with quantum-safe cryptography and features high performance with low latency and fast reconnects.

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