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Building better connectivity for critical national infrastructure


As systems and devices become more and more connected, ensuring that data is communicated securely becomes increasingly important. And the consequences for getting it wrong within Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) are significant. But increasing connectivity brings with it some significant issues around usability, security and complexity.


Users don’t want applications that are difficult to set up and use, and complex systems are also expensive to maintain and administer.

But most importantly, if we are to strengthen the resilience of CNI, security needs to be at the heart of this increased connectivity.

CyberHive deliver cyber security solutions that protect systems now but are also future proofed. The Cloud Security Alliance estimate that quantum computers will be commercially available in 2030. And it may well be sooner than that for nation state actors.

So what?

Why do quantum computers matter?

Well the cryptography that secures our communications today would take a classical computer about 13.7 billion years to break, so it’s pretty secure.

However, use a quantum computer and that drops to just 42 minutes.
Clearly new solutions are needed.


And if 2030 still feels like a long time in the future given all the other priorities that we are all juggling, well think about the lifespan of new infrastructure deployed today and 2030 doesn’t feel so far away. Post Quantum security is actually today’s problem.

CyberHive have built a fast, zero-trust, post quantum secure mesh that transforms how devices communicate. Built using a secure-by-design methodology and a zero-trust architecture, we provide instant security that can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure.

It’s a peer-to-peer network that facilitates communication directly between approved devices, with central administration, making management and onboarding really simple.

Also at its foundation, built to be resistant to attack by quantum computers.


It can halve the admin burden for IT professionals. Eliminate costly hardware such as firewalls and VPN gateways, while at the same time dramatically improving performance adding just a couple of milliseconds to the initial connection rather than the hundreds or thousands of milliseconds that conventional VPNs take.


It’s lightweight so is equally at home in a corporate network, or in the field on IoT devices. It provides unparalleled security combined with ease of use that enables a step change in system resilience.

It really is secure communications made easy.


With the rapid growth in IoT devices, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and connected infrastructure, we created CyberHive Connect to provide a secure means of enabling devices to communicate efficiently, whilst being protected against future compromise by quantum computer.” said Alan Platt, CEO of CyberHive. “Today data breaches, ransomware, and sophisticated cyberattacks are a daily occurrence, and future-proofing an organisation’s most precious asset, their data, should not be left until the last minute.”


CyberHive already have a strong partner ecosystem across numerous industry verticals, and Connect complements their existing portfolio of innovative cybersecurity products with the goal to make data breaches a thing of the past.


CyberHive win this year’s Tech UK Cyber Innovation Den Pitching Competition with a pitch about Connect and the application to Critical National Infrastructure.


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