protect prevent and respond to targeted cybercrime

Financial Services and Insurance

CyberHive solutions to protect critical infrastructure, remote workforce, and secure device communications for the quantum-era.

Adding value to the financial services industry

Enhance Your Security

Our products and solutions are designed to deploy to IT environments in a non-disruptive manner, with simple centralised management.


Future-Proof Your Data Security

Quantum Computers are firmly on the horizon and accelerating at light-speed pace.   Todays Public Key Encryption standards are vulnerable and insufficient in the Quantum-era.  Record-Replay (Man-In-The-Middle) attacks are being carried out now to decrypt sensitive financial data when the technology is available.

Protect your hybrid and remote employees

Necessity has accelerated change – companies are now faced with the “new norm” of hybrid working within highly controlled and complex regulatory frameworks, while trying to predict the future and accelerate digital transformation strategies.

Businessman at coffee shop working on laptop
Laptop in Server Room

Detect network threats in real-time

Cyber-attacks are one of the most dangerous operational risks faced by the financial services sector. The techniques used by cybercriminals are constantly evolving yet many businesses rely on outdated security technologies to protect against today’s and tomorrow’s threats

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