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CyberHive launches Connect. Delivering Post-Quantum Cryptography and connectivity to distributed devices.

  • A low-latency mesh network enabling Zero-Trust principles in a simple scalable solution
  • Centralised administration that is easy to install and manage
  • Resilient, fast recovery with automatic reconnection from network drop outs
  • Post-Quantum encryption, futureproofing the cybersecurity of IoT, remote devices and remote workforce

Newbury, 24th January 2022.   Innovative UK cybersecurity startup CyberHive today launched its new quantum-resistant network application – Connect.  With quantum computers no longer a concept of science fiction and development progressing at staggering pace, this emerging technology will undoubtedly deliver a huge leap in computational problem-solving and potentially help unravel some of today’s biggest and most complex challenges society faces.

But alongside that potential for good, quantum computers are ideally suited to breaking classic public key encryption that we rely on to protect and secure our digital communications and sensitive data.

With standardisation underway for Post-Quantum Cryptography, the team at CyberHive realise that waiting for quantum computers to become a mainstream reality would be too late for organisations to deploy adequate protection.  Recognising the future threat and today’s speed of digital transformation, they came up with a novel approach to integrate the technology required to transition from legacy network security and cryptography systems and face the threats of tomorrow.

With the rapid growth in IoT devices, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and connected infrastructure, we created CyberHive Connect to provide a secure means of enabling devices to communicate efficiently, whilst being protected against future compromise by quantum computer.” said Alan Platt, CEO of CyberHive. “Today data breaches, ransomware, and sophisticated cyberattacks are a daily occurrence, and future-proofing an organisation’s most precious asset, their data, should not be left until the last minute.”

CyberHive Connect is a mesh Software Defined Network architecture delivering low-latency peer to peer connections, such that endpoints can be deployed and managed quickly whilst maintaining network security.

Gareth Lockwood, Head of Product at CyberHive said the product was carefully researched and designed to meet the needs of a wide range of enterprise and industry verticals:

The architecture of CyberHive Connect enables the replacement of legacy hub-and-spoke VPNs with something that delivers granular zero-trust network access, and a centralised approach to deployment perfectly suited to the hybrid workforce. We also saw the need to provide enhanced connectivity for the numerous distributed IoT and Industry 4 applications, so set out to develop a product that would run efficiently on low-power embedded architectures, delivering extremely low latency and handshake times, but enhanced with features such as layered quantum-secure cryptographic algorithms and high frequency key rotation.

CyberHive already have a strong partner ecosystem across numerous industry verticals, and Connect complements their existing portfolio of innovative cybersecurity products with the goal to make data breaches a thing of the past.

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