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CyberHive Connect 2.0 – Revolutionising network discovery and configuration


    • Affordable cyber security for remote workers who change location​

    • Enables highly resilient cyber security in any IoT (Internet of Things) application

    • Reduces operational risk and dramatically lowers system administration costs​

Newbury, 07 August 2023
– CyberHive, a leading innovator in cyber security, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of CyberHive Connect 2.0, the latest upgrade to its groundbreaking Connect platform. This upgrade marks a significant milestone in empowering remote working and IoT connectivity with even more cutting-edge features and enhancements.

Enhanced performance and streamlined user experience

With CyberHive Connect 2.0, users can expect a dramatically improved performance that sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability. Connect can even handle network changes seamlessly, for example when moving between a wi-fi hotspot and a mobile phone tether, Connect reconfigures automatically to use the new connection in just a fraction of a second – minimising not only connection downtime, but also user frustration.

What distinguishes Connect from other approaches to securing network access is how simple it is to operate, how it reduces the attack surface of an organisation’s IT systems, and how it takes network performance to a new level.

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, organisations face an uphill battle – grappling with a scarcity of cyber security skills while ensuring the safety of their staff working from various locations. We’ve witnessed an overwhelming demand for a simple, secure, and performant solution to facilitate seamless communication among devices,” shared Alan Platt, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of CyberHive.

“Data breaches, ransomware, and complex cyber attacks now occur on a daily basis, burdening already stretched cyber security teams. In the face of this exponential threat growth, every business yearns for accessible, cost-effective solutions to fortify the protection of their most sensitive data,” Alan continued.

Connect implements a secure software-defined mesh network that transforms how devices communicate. Built using a secure-by-design methodology and a zero trust architecture, it provides instant security that can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure.

Pat Pruchnickyj, Head of Product Marketing at CyberHive commented,

“CyberHive Connect was designed using the principles of zero trust, allowing only the ‘known good’ to happen. Because only trusted endpoints can communicate on the software-defined mesh network, attackers cannot get a foothold into an organisations IT or operational technology networks. This approach reduces operational risk and dramatically lowers systems administration costs​.”

This news follows many recent announcements and accomplishments of the company including,
CyberHive joining Inmarsat’s ELEVATE programme with CyberHive Connect being optimised for use over satellite links.
This brings new quantum-safe levels of security to IoT devices across a range of industries including utilities, mining, energy, and transport. The partnership enables enhanced protection from cyber threats, which the UK government estimates costs the UK economy £27 billion annually.

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