Securing Connected mobility

Rapid and secure vehicle


High performance VPN designed for embedded transient environments

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The attack surface is increasing, reduce the rist of cyber attack

Resilient, robust protection for connected vehicles

CyberHive’s cyber security portfolio covers the entire vehicle lifecycle

Addressing industry challenges

The potentially life-threatening consequences of disrupted or insecure communications in connected mobility, raises challenging security issues.  Finding a trusted, proven and secure solution is essential.

Establishing secure connections quickly, maintaining connections and sharing data between equipment from multiple manufacturers requires lightweight and innovative design with future proof security built in as standard.

Securing the future of automotive

Our solutions are based on the perfect balance of tried-and-tested technology with the exploitation of novel techniques and our own innovative IP to deliver high-performance low-latency post-quantum V2V and V2I connectivity

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Secure authentication and Identity

Any communication system needs to protect the identity of vehicle from being discovered from passive analysis, and authentication protection needs to be in place against infrastructure spoofing.

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