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CyberHive Connect

CyberHive Connect implements a secure software-defined mesh network that transforms how devices communicate. Built using a secure-by-design methodology and a zero trust architecture, it provides instant security that can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure.


For personal use or small teams that want to use CyberHive Connect for free​:

  • ​2 users​
  • 5 endpoints​
  • Quantum-safe encryption​
  • No additional firewall configuration needed​

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For teams or organisations needing simple, secure and performant zero trust networking​.

​£20 per user per month​.​

Same features as Free plus​:

  • Unlimited users​
  • 5 endpoints per user​
  • Email support​
  • IAM policy management

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For larger organisations and companies that want to enforce least privilege access .​

​Minimum 200 users​.

​Same features as Professional, plus​:

  • ​Integration with Microsoft Entra ID​
  • Priority support​
  • Designated customer success manager​
  • Implementation services​

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Take a look at the benefits below for more details.

  • Reliable and robust
  • Central administration
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Coexists with existing VPNs

  • Fast reconnects
  • Low data overhead
  • Software defined mesh
  • Handles poor connectivity

  • Peer-to-peer
  • Hides IP addresses
  • Very secure zero trust
  • Quantum-safe cryptography

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