Unlock the future of maritime connectivity

The evolution of maritime operations

In the dynamic realm of maritime operations, where precision meets profitability, CyberHive Connect emerges as the beacon of connectivity innovation.


Navigating connectivity challenges

In the vast expanse of the maritime industry, existing secure communications solutions often hit rough seas. Traditional reliance on satellite or cellular communications poses reliability issues based on the ship’s location, creating communication gaps that impact vessel management. Today’s modern ships, propelled by software-controlled systems, demand a communication solution that sails beyond these limitations.


Unleashing seamless maritime connectivity

Embark on a voyage into the future of maritime connectivity with CyberHive Connect. Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional communication methods that hinder vessel management and system updates. Our innovative approach ensures secure and reliable communication not only to ship owners but also to third-party suppliers, fostering a connected ecosystem within the vessel.


Empowering maritime efficiency with CyberHive Connect

Say farewell to the disruptions caused by standard VPNs or SDWAN. With CyberHive Connect, connectivity interruptions are a thing of the past. Our advanced technology ensures quick reconnection, eliminating downtime and allowing for real-time monitoring and updates for crucial ship systems.

Embrace connectivity excellence

Effortless connectivity

Bid goodbye to the time-consuming ‘reconnect’ phases. CyberHive Connect guarantees uninterrupted communication, ensuring your ship’s vital systems, from navigation to emissions control, stay seamlessly connected.



Maximise bandwidth

Unlike traditional solutions, CyberHive Connect optimises bandwidth usage, eliminating the impact on payload. Enjoy up to 10% more of available bandwidth for data transmission, enhancing communication and software update capabilities.


Secure ecosystem

Connect securely not just with ship owners but also with third-party suppliers. CyberHive Connect establishes a robust and secure communication network, fostering collaboration and ensuring the smooth functioning of software-controlled ship elements.

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