Webinar with London Stock Exchange Group


The threat of cyber crime is rising in frequency and complexity. Cyber security can be a tricky area to navigate but with the right tools and processes, you can help keep your organisation secure today, and in the future.

On Wednesday 12 October, CyberHive was part of an expert panel with London Stock ExchangeCYECyberhivefindingsPraxonomy and Sapphire on Cyber security and what you need to know to protect your business.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Cybersecurity trends and threats for 2023
  • How to build the right security budget? What are the data sources a CISO should use?
  • What the company management/board should ask about security?
  • How to measure risk and build security mitigation plan that are aligned with the business needs.
  • What are the most common security mistakes organisations make?
  • Over the last five years, how has the CISO’s role changed

You can still access and listen to the webinar below.



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