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Post-quantum cryptography: The future of encryption


We are still in the early days of quantum computing. However, when this technology emerges into the mainstream it’s likely to happen very quickly. This is why many organisations are currently focusing on a post-quantum world. In particular, this has meant looking at post-quantum cryptography and the technologies that are going to be available for our use. What will encryption look like in a post-quantum world?


Algorithms that can withstand the post-quantum future

There are so many ways in which quantum computing has potential benefits for society, for example when it comes to understanding fundamental physics and finding solutions to problems that regular computing technology has not been able to tackle. However, there are challenges too – in particular that quantum computers could find it easy to break the public key cryptographic algorithms that are currently being used to protect our data. If that happens then it will create a huge security vulnerability, which is why algorithms that can withstand the post-quantum future are such a key focus today.

What is the future of encryption?

The future of encryption is new public key algorithms that are able to withstand the post-quantum future – also known as ‘post-quantum cryptography.’ New cyber security solutions must now come with post-quantum cryptography in mind in order to remain effective. When companies are considering a cyber security partner, this is now an essential consideration.


Why is post-quantum cryptography so important?

Because this all comes down to data security. Without the research, development, and implementation of post-quantum cryptography, huge security breaches could be possible by those who have access to quantum computers. It could affect everything, from the security services to regular businesses, and leave data security devastated. Essentially, the focus on post-quantum algorithms now is to help minimise future disruption and to ensure that data can still be kept safe while we also enjoy the benefits to society that quantum computing can bring.


A cyber security company with the future in mind

Post-quantum cryptography will replace the public key cryptographic algorithms that we rely on today – and are the future of encryption in a quantum computing world. CyberHive Connect offers post-quantum cryptography for your business, as well as other features such as zero trust network access (ZTNA). Embrace a quantum-safe future with CyberHive – get in touch.

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