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Mitigating public sector risks with cyber security solutions


Despite the importance of cyber security solutions increasing, there is still a gap between where we are and where we need to be. Recent years have seen the focus move off financial sector and healthcare targets, with the public sector increasingly becoming the focus for hacking and attacks. This means that cyber security solutions are now crucial in order to be able to mitigate the growing number of public sector risks that exist.

An increase in public sector risk

Recent figures show that 40% of cyber security incidents now affect the public sector, indicating just how much organisations in this area are now at risk. In one year alone, for example, UK councils were being hit by 10,000 cyber attacks every single day. Given the volume of sensitive data that is held by many public sector organisations it’s no surprise that they are being targeted. But this means that much more needs to be done to better mitigate risk. The increased threat of an attack has been compounded by the fact that many employees now work remotely, accessing organisational networks from various personal devices and often without key basic security in place.

Cyber security solutions for the public sector

The public sector is increasingly exposed to sophisticated cyber security threats. Tackling these challenges effectively demands practical, well-rounded solutions. Concentrating on the development of a robust cyber security strategy, modernising outdated IT infrastructure, and prioritising employee education, public sector entities can significantly fortify their defences against cyber threats. The following sections outline three strategies crucial for enhancing your organisations cyber security solutions:

1. Developing a comprehensive cyber security strategy

A critical initial step in bolstering cyber security is to conduct a thorough audit of existing practices. This involves ensuring that coherent strategies are in place across all departments. The primary goal is to fortify defences against cyber security attacks and guarantee a swift, effective response in case of a security breach. A well-crafted strategy is the backbone of any robust cyber security framework.

To help, here are  some key points to get started:

  • Conducting risk assessments to identify and manage system vulnerabilities
  • Implementing multi-layered security measures like firewalls, encryption, and anti-virus software
  • Regularly performing security audits and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations

2. Upgrading legacy systems

A prevalent challenge within the public sector is the reliance on outdated systems. These legacy systems are often plagued with issues such as poor data quality and unassessed risks, making them vulnerable to cyber security attacks. Upgrading to modern systems equipped with effective monitoring and backup capabilities is critical. This upgrade is essential not only for data protection but also for maintaining uninterrupted access to vital public services, like those offered by the NHS.

3. Emphasising staff training

Surprisingly a lot of employees of any organisation lack of basic cyber security knowledge. This knowledge gap can inadvertently lead to security breaches, such as through malware introduction. To combat this, implementing comprehensive training and awareness programmes is essential. Educating staff about cyber security risks and best practices is a key line of defence in strengthening overall cyber security.

Further to this implementing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) greatly reduces the threat of human error. Zero trust security works by providing specific access to specific users based on their individual needs and requirements. With an ‘always verify’ principle, you can rest assured that files are only accessible by their desired users.

Enhance your privacy and protection now

A mix of strong cyber security strategy, review of legacy systems and ensuring that the workforce is alert and ready to act on the risks are all essential where cyber security solutions are concerned. CyberHive Connect easily allows you safeguard data across your organisation. ZTNA and post-quantum cryptography (or quantum-safe cryptography) are integral to operating securely throughout 2024 and further.

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