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CyberHive partnership with Carbon-Z will enhance data security


UK specialist cyber security company, CyberHive has today announced a new partnership with carbon-neutral data centre company, Carbon-Z. The partnership will support their joint customers looking for innovative solutions for securing critical data and communications from cyber threats. Together with the added benefit of carbon-neutral services, utilising new and advancing technology that meet legislative demands.

Carbon-Z offers hosting and colocation solutions in the UK, providing green, sustainable, and high-performing data centres for both low-, and high-density computing.  Carbon-Z was founded in 2020 and now have a team of data centre specialists with more than 50 years of IT industry experience.

Carbon-Z’s Jon Clark, Chief Executive Officer said: “Joining forces with CyberHive gives us the opportunity to help our data centre customers benefit from our combined advanced technology and novel solutions, that address two of the most challenging issues of our time – reducing our carbon footprint, and securing our data centres from the threat of cyber attacks.”

Carbon-Z are helping the world move towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, and are making data centres greener and more efficient. Combining Carbon-Z’s technologically advanced approach with CyberHive’s patented and award-winning cyber security solutions, offers our clients the critical IT security solutions needed to protect them from the threat posed by cyber attacks and benefit from adopting greener cloud computing with highly-secure data.” 

Jonathan Aniszewski, Partnership Manager, CyberHive.

As members of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group, CyberHive and Carbon-Z are delighted to demonstrate how this new partnership benefits micro to multinational organisations, whether in the Thames Valley business community, or beyond.

CyberHive Assure contains modules that can be used independently, or together, to implement digital security by design solutions to address cloud hosting and remote connectivity challenges. Carbon-Z are making data centres greener and more efficient, reducing the cost of data storage, and ensuring that our environment is preserved.

CyberHive are solving cyber security problems that exist across numerous public and private sector organisations and industry verticals.

For more info on how to collaborate with CyberHive, visit our Partner page or contact – [email protected]

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