5 cyber security solutions for your business


Cyber security solutions needs to rank among the top priorities for businesses that value customer trust and business continuity today. The risks continue to increase and cyber criminals continue to develop ever more innovative ways to breach security. If your business could do with a cyber security overhaul, here are some of the solutions that you could consider.


1. Training employees

The risks posed by untrained employees are incredibly high – your staff can be one of your biggest security assets, or the greatest vulnerability. Whether it’s clicking on links in fraudulent emails or not implementing security controls on devices that allow others to then access business networks, these are just some of the ways in which untrained employees can make a business vulnerable. Training your team is the first key step towards comprehensive cyber security solutions.


2. Effective backups

We are increasingly seeing ransomware as the tool of choice for cyber criminals and this means that any business today needs to have an effective backup solution in place. What this will mean is that, if your cyber security is breached by ransomware, your team will still be able to access essential data and files to ensure business continuity. Backups should be both remote and onsite – and regularly managed.


3. Firewalls that aren’t properly implemented

Having a firewall on your network is often highlighted as one of the most essential cyber security solutions for any business – and it is key. But even the best firewalls are relatively useless if they haven’t been configured properly. Firewalls that aren’t configured are open and vulnerable to attack. So, as part of your cyber security solutions, make sure that your firewall:

  • Has been installed by professionals
  • Is correctly configured
  • Is regularly monitored


4. Strong password security

Some of the best cyber security solutions are the simplest – especially when it comes to passwords. There is no easier way for a cyber criminal to gain access to your network than through an easy-to-guess password. Weak passwords are very easy to hack but we often use them so we can remember them. That’s why it’s so important to instill into your staff the importance of strong passwords. These should be more than 15 characters and made up of a combination of different numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters. When it comes to remembering a more complex password, a secure password manager can be very useful.


5. Vulnerable operating systems

Technology is constantly evolving and, in order to keep up, systems need to be constantly updated. Where vulnerabilities are found, cyber criminals are often the first to exploit them. One of the simplest cyber security solutions for your business is to ensure that you are regularly downloading patches and updates to make sure that your systems remain secure. Bear in mind that some operating systems are now so out of date (e.g. Windows XP) that vendors don’t even release patches for them so these systems are even more vulnerable.


Protect your business with our cyber security solutions

As the nature of employees work becomes more blended with every day life, it is more crucial than ever to ensure your data is secure. Zero trust cyber security solutions are just one way to prevent cyber attacks. At CyberHive we’re proud to be offering a personal license to our product CyberHive Connect for free. This will allow you to shield and secure yourself or a small team from threats.

If you’d like to explore our products in more detail, or simply learn more about how to protect your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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