Our Ethos

A New Standard in Cybersecurity for the Post-Quantum Era.

We realise that it is not a case of “if” companies will be hacked, but “when” and recognizing this has allowed us to take a novel approach to cyber security.
We help organisations move into the cloud by providing reliable, effective, future-proofed solutions to their cybersecurity challenges.

More About Cyberhive

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2000 The Beginning
2013 Cloud Services
2015 Academic Partnership
2017 New CEO
2018 Cyberhive Brand Established
2018 Government Contracts
2019-2020 Sales Expansion
2021 Investment
2021 and Beyond Focus on Sustainable Growth
Our Values

We focus on the problems that other technology solutions tend to ignore.

The real problem is that staggeringly over 90% of data breaches have an element of human error.       We all make mistakes. 


All of our solutions are underpinned by zero-trust principlesso no single error can cause a risk to data security.

  • Our Mission

    At CyberHive, we realise that it is not a case of “if” companies will be hacked, but “when” and recognising this has allowed us to take a new approach to cyber security. With over 20 years expertise in networking and infrastructure solutions, CyberHive are working to change the perception of cybersecurity - to help make data breaches a thing of the past.

  • The Future

    The IT landscape is ever-evolving, with more sophisticated threats on the horizon. The future, quantum computing, will be here sooner than we think. With technology that is reliable, scalable, and quantum-ready, CyberHive can help equip your cyber security needs today, and for the future.

Cybersecurity is not just a Technology Decision, it's a Business Decision.

Meet Our Team

A Strong Team for a Secure Partnership.

Our leadership team brings decades of technology and commercial expertise across multiple domains.  Working with talented Developer, Operations, Marketing, and Business Development experts the company follows an Agile ethos across the business to enable innovation and adaptability to meet the needs of current and future clients.