Secure Omni-Channel customer transactions

Enhance Mobile Payment Devices

Contactless and mobile payment terminals are becoming the norm and make transactions seamless.  However these remote terminals or even smartphone apps are becoming targets for attackers with fraud on the rise.

Peer to Peer Architecture

Establish secure tunnels directly between devices without the need to route via central bottlenecks. Connect in milliseconds, even on low quality networks.

Application Integration

Only allow specific apps access to the secure tunnel, delivering additional layers of security, or integrate with features such as facial recognition or biometric authentication.

Reduce Risk and Add Value for mobile payments and remote users

Protect your business at every touch point

Trusted Transactions

Offline POS transactions or ‘Forced Sales’ can be used as a fallback and provide convenience to merchants where connectivity is not reliable but come with risk.  Without realtime authorization the potential for fraud or chargeback activity is high.

Airline stewardess holding terminal while passenger making payment
Finger touch smartphone screen with privacy protection

Protect your Customers

Customer data is as valuable as the goods and services they buy.  By adding post-quantum resistant encryption to your data communications you can have peace of mind that the sensitive information is secure against eavesdroppers on public networks, giving you the confidence to offer a tailored experience based on your customer insights without the risk of loss.

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